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Hi, I’m Holly, lover of words and history. I write Regency historical novels with humor, romance, and a smidge of mystery. I also dabble in writing in other eras, but the Regency keeps pulling me back.

Where It All Began

“A Grand Gesture” and “Honors Players” were my first two published novels. “Honors Players” was published before “A Grand Gesture”; however, from a timeline perspective, “A Grand Gesture” is first.

“Creating my Regency world just came very naturally to me”


“A Heart In Jeopardy” is A Regency Mystery Romance

She risked her life for honor…
And risked her heart for love.

When independent Leona puts her life on the line to save a kidnapped child, she faces suspicion from the girl’s strong-willed uncle, Nigel. To Nigel, a woman needs protecting — but his own heart may need protection more…

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Moving From Traditional to Indie Author

Moving From Traditional to Indie Author

Over thirty years ago, my first novel, Honor’s Players was published by Warner Books. Over the next ten years, I had six more novels published across three publishing houses. Then life happened, and I lost my writing time, and with that, my will.

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Me and Writing

Me and Writing

When I was in ninth grade my English teacher gently informed me I didn’t have the talent to write, not like some of my classmates did. Boom! Teenage angst. That was it. I stopped writing stories.

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Okay, I read it . . . And Liked it!

Okay, I read it . . . And Liked it!

In this time of covid-19, I am reading a lot, primarily historical mysteries and cozy mysteries. I’ve read science fiction and fantasy in the past, I just haven’t been in the mood for that genre lately. Anyway, I finished my last cozy mystery. My SO pounced on the knowledge I was done with a book and urged me to pick up the books he was reading. They were free through Kindle Unlimited. My eyes glazed over, but I agreed and started book one.

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Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

“Well-developed characters and intriguing storyline made this a very good read.”


” This was a brilliantly written book.”


“This is the first Holly Newman novel I read and I immediately marked all of her novels for future reading.”

“Holly Newman is a good storyteller.”

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