The Art of Love

The Art of Love is a new series that will have at least 5 books, and maybe more! Each book can be read as a standalone, however as the books involve heros and heroines from the Nowlton extended family, reading them in order will have benefits as well. I designed this series to reflect my logo tagline: History, Mystery, Humor, and Romance. Think Regency romance meets Cozy Mystery.


An Artful Deceit

What happens when a Duke is mistaken for a Viscount—on purpose?

Add that to two Michelangelo sketches, hidden passages, vanishing and reappearing art, threatening messages, conniving art collectors, arrogant academicians, a Bow Street agent, a lovelorn couple, and an elderly prankster.

It’s enough to give a Duke a headache.

Miles Wingate, the Duke of Ellinbourne, was not supposed to be at the Dowager Duchess of Malmsby’s house party. He was supposed to be in London preparing for the spring opening of the Royal Academy of Art, yet here he was, a stand-in guest for his injured cousin, Viscount Redinger.

This was taking family loyalty too far. The only rational person at the house party was Miss Ann Hallowell, the Duchess’s granddaughter, and as his luck would have it, his cousin’s intended!

Thrown together when he’s mistaken for his cousin, Miles and Ann join to unravel the house party mysteries. But every time they pull one mystery thread free, another appears, for seemingly everyone has a hidden agenda—including the Duchess!


Titles in the series:

An Artful Deceit
An Artful Compromise
An Artful Lie
An Artful Decision
An Artful Secret


An Artful Compromise

Helena Littledean has a secret, a most scandalous painting of Adam in the Garden of Eden. She secretly acquired it and has kept it hidden. The Adam in the painting is nude—without even a fig leaf! Not a painting for a young lady to own.

Traveling with her parents, she meets the Earl of Norwalk, Adam Waterbury. Her heart catches in her throat. It’s her Adam…the embodiment of her closely held dreams standing right before her. But he is an aristocrat, and she comes from trade. There is no way she can admit she owns a nude painting of him!

It was his uncle who painted it–painted it without his knowing–and for twelve long years he’s wanted nothing more than to destroy the thing. His uncle swore he’d never sell it…and Adam was fool enough to believe him.

A murder whisks Helena’s family home before he discovers her secret, but not before she is etched onto his every waking thought.

And he does find out…in time. So now the question is, can he destroy the painting without losing Helena? If he helps solve the murder and save the Littledean business, can they come to An Artful Compromise?

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