My Collection of Shiny Objects

I identify with this magpie and his collection of treasures. But for me, my collection of treasures has been on-line classes.

I have become a sucker for online classes. I know that online classes and tutorials are among the most lucrative digital products a person can produce. I know that not everyone who produces a digital teaching product is an expert. I know sometimes I am throwing my money away.

Still. . . .

I buy the darn things looking for that one bit of education that will make it all worthwhile. And, sometimes, I find it.

Lately, I have been looking at Medium “How To’s”, Blogging, using Pinterest for ads, using Facebook for business, building my website, email list building, Adobe products — eh, the list goes on.

But here is my problem. Those “educating me” things are taking away from my writing time! How dare they? How dare they let me get side-tracked?

It’s that magpie thing. Each course, class, tutorial, eBook, PDF download is a new shiny thing. As a writer, I have a large curiosity bump. That makes me easily distracted as I go off on tangents because someone said something, or wrote something, that pulled my focus in another direction.

I guess I am going to have to get tough with myself and do something I hate doing. Put me on a schedule. Growl, grumble.

Oh, wait! Didn’t I see someone offered a class in organization and scheduling?

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